I Interview Emily Kendal Frey @ Omniverse

“I am not the biggest thing. I am small. It’s my job to synthesize the biggest things … Rather than trying to be a writer who traps the world inside and then becomes big themselves.” Wise words from Emily Kendal Frey.



The 45th Parallel @ New Pages

We are thrilled that the High Desert Journal was recommended on New pages.

Here’s what they had to say about The 45th Parallel excerpt HDJ published this spring (Issue 15, Spring 2012):

“The writing maintains the high quality I’ve come to expect from High Desert Journal. Two favorites in this issue are Josh Beddingfield’s essay on a desolate corner of southwest Colorado, “Unsettlement,” and Lisa Wells eponymous essay on a similar place further west, “Fields, Oregon”—illustrated with black and white photographs by Bobby Abrahamson. Fields is home to less than a dozen people and is a quick stop to “middle-age liberal types” who complain about the price of gas and ask dumb questions before heading off “to another frontier, to scale the next mountain in their Gore-Tex. To pose and sip vitaminwater and condescend to earth.””



If you don’t know about New Pages yet, it’s worth checking out:


Library Journal: “[One] of the best online portals is NewPages.com, which includes reviews and guides to independent presses and creative writing programs.”

Utne Reader: “One of the 15 websites that could shake the world… NewPages is the web’s alt-press playground.”

Carolyn Kellogg, Jacket Copy, Los Angeles Times: “NewPages is kind of internet old-school in that it’s one site that collects and vets many links (remember when that’s what Yahoo did?)… go over to NewPages for your literary journal fix.”


Unchaste Readers @ Electric Literature

“Co-founded by Dena Rash Guzman and Jenny Forrester, the Unchaste Readers series showcases local female writers. A collection of local poets, writers, publishers, communists, socialists, and their friends filled the Jack London basement bar on a sunny Portland evening.”



I review “Madness, Rack, and Honey” by Mary Ruefle @ The Rumpus

“The hybrid/fragmented essay has gained popularity in recent years. Once the domain of experimental authors and small press publishing, they now appear in major periodicals and have even acquired a manifesto (Reality Hunger, released in 2010 by Knopf, David Shields’ attempt to gather and gain perspective on the proliferation of nonfiction, in all its iterations.) In other words, what could have been described as fringe in the not so distant past, has become almost common, has articulated a tradition …Madness, Rack, and Honey is a gift from a rigorous intellect, unflinching critic, and a big old sloppy heart. Ruefle has created a work of poetry from the daunting task of writing about it. Don’t be surprised if this book is remembered as a classic of its genre.”

Read the whole review here: