Talking to Eva Soto @ The Rearguard

“RG: I met you at Martha Grover’s book release last month, which was also published through Perfect Day. You were very supportive of her and so were most of the local authors who came to the event. Is it fair to assume that Portland is a very communal and supportive place for writers?

LW: Yeah. Whatever is happening here with writers is similar to what happens with indie rock, I think. It’s communal, slightly self-congratulatory, and yes, for the most part it’s supportive. I’d take this rather than the cutthroat feeling in other places. The stakes here are so low. You are not going to come here and make a million dollars or end up in Oprah, for example, so there’s a reason to be humble all the time, and that keeps people friendly. Also, Portland is such a small town that you want to maintain those relationships.”


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